Working Together

from all practice fields in medicine

Provider Benefits

Pharmacy Services

  • Access to a 24/7 on-call pharmacist and consultation services.
  • Direct delivery of medications to the consumer’s designated administration location.
  • A comprehensive inventory of in-stock medications, aligning with both Medicaid formulary requirements and specific clinic needs.
  • Specialized packaging solutions designed to enhance medication compliance for clients with specific concerns.
  • Utilization of electronic patient charts, encompassing prescriptions, and a paperless faxing system.
  • Provision of a detailed delivery manifest, offering transparency on all medications being delivered to the residential facility.

Billing Review

  • Generation of itemized statements, granting clients and caregivers access to vital drug information, including dispense date, dispensed quantity, and applicable co-pay details.
  • A comprehensive insurance review to ensure proper medication coverage.
  • Consultation services in case a medication is not covered by insurance or if coverage is denied.
  • Efficient collection, completion, and submission of prior authorization data.

Drug Regimen Review

  • Ongoing review of medication profiles from all current physicians at each dispensing point.
  • Vigilant evaluation and notification of potential drug interactions.
  • Reporting of duplicative medications to prescribing physicians, ensuring patient safety and optimized treatment plans.

Refill Management

  • Proactive contact with prescribing physicians when a patient’s medication reaches the last available refill.
  • Timely notification to healthcare providers and customers in the event a refill cannot be obtained from the physician.

Cost Management

  • Regular and systematic reviews of medication costs to identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Notification to prescribing physicians in case a medication becomes more expensive due to falling off the Formulary, exploring possible substitutions.
  • Transparent communication with clients and caregivers regarding any changes made to optimize cost savings for patients.
Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.