Working Together

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At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we prioritize making pharmacy transitions smooth and uninterrupted. Recognizing the intense nature of healthcare facility operations, we’ve established a streamlined three-step process to mitigate stress, uphold quality, and ensure transparent communication.

Firstly, before the transition from the current pharmacy, a member of our team will visit your facility to gather insurance details and demographic information for all residents. Alternatively, your facility staff can undertake this step if that’s more convenient. Next, our pharmacy personnel will diligently set up both personal and medication profiles for each resident in a timely manner. The final step involves sending these profiles to the respective physicians for review and approval. This crucial step ensures the accuracy and continuity of patient care as prescriptions move from one pharmacy to another. After the transition, we’ll continue to monitor and update each profile for refills and necessary adjustments based on individual needs. With these steps complete, we’re set to begin delivering medications to your residents!

Effective communication is vital for a successful transition. To facilitate this, 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy is ready to provide welcoming letters for you to distribute to responsible parties or powers of attorney, detailing our pharmacy services. Additionally, our team is at your disposal to attend a Family Night or similar event to thoroughly explain our offerings and how we can contribute to resident and family satisfaction.

This approach to pharmacy transition is designed to be effortless and efficient, minimizing the requirement for extensive involvement from your staff or the residents’ families.

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