Penal Institutions

As complex as the needs of Penal Institutions can be 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy can guide you every step of the way.

Penal Institutions

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1st Choice LTC Pharmacy deeply understands the intricate dynamics involved in managing penal institutions, where the care and oversight of each detainee must be tailored to their individual circumstances. In this dynamic and demanding setting, having a pharmacy partner that delivers consistent, dependable service while remaining adaptable to the evolving needs of the institution is crucial.

Our proximity to your facility is more than just convenient; it’s integral to our service approach. Being nearby allows us to engage directly with your institution, gaining deep insights into the distinct challenges and requirements you face. This proximity not only enhances our understanding of your needs but also enables us to fully integrate into your service framework. By becoming an essential part of your operations, we’re able to provide unparalleled support and make informed decisions that significantly benefit those under your care.

At the heart of our services are our experienced medication management teams, proficient not only in Community Based Mental Health but also in tailoring their expertise to suit the unique environment of penal institutions. These teams offer comprehensive support, from dispensing medications to overseeing complex medication schedules, all tailored to meet the diverse healthcare needs of inmates. Recognizing that each penal institution has its own specific demands, we’re prepared to offer additional, personalized assistance to ensure we not only meet but exceed your operational expectations.




Barcoded delivery ensures the right medication to the the right person every time.


Education and assistance in keeping updated on rules and regulations impacting pharmaceuticals.

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Facilities can access a personalized portal to provide them with medication information for their residents.


We monitor your usage and refills and on continuous basis ensuring your clients have the medication they need.

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