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1st Choice LTC Pharmacy: Enhancing Medication Adherence for Better Health

Medication non-adherence is a pressing public health concern with severe implications for both patient well-being and healthcare costs. Research consistently reveals that a significant portion of patients fail to take or use their prescribed medications as directed. This non-adherence can be attributed to factors such as busy lifestyles or complex medication regimens. In England alone, statistics indicate that between one-third and one-half of all medications prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as recommended, highlighting the urgency of this issue.

Recognizing the critical need for a solution, 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy proudly presents the SureMed by Omnicell range. This innovative offering is meticulously crafted to assist patients in adhering to their medication schedules accurately, ensuring they take the right pills at the right times.

SureMed by Omnicell adherence packs revolutionize medication management by providing a clear and organized system for patients with multiple medications. These packs are ingeniously designed to be easy to follow, offering instant visual reinforcement of when to take each medication. They are available in both clear and card formats, with options for monthly and weekly heat or pressure-sealed packs. Furthermore, SureMed accommodates various blister sizes, allowing customization to match each patient’s medication quantity and regimen.

By offering this comprehensive range of adherence solutions, 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy empowers patients to align their preferences and needs with an appropriate medication management system. This not only improves patient compliance but also enhances their overall health outcomes.

At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we are dedicated to addressing the critical issue of medication non-adherence, helping patients lead healthier lives while reducing the burden on healthcare resources. With SureMed by Omnicell, we bring clarity and simplicity to medication management, ensuring that patients take their medications as prescribed and stay on the path to better health.

Single Dose

1st Choice LTC Pharmacy: Elevating Medication Management with Premium Single-Dose Blister Cards

At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we are dedicated to enhancing medication management for institutional pharmacies serving long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities. To achieve this, we proudly offer Omnicell’s extensive range of high-quality single-dose blister cards. By providing your facilities with these top-of-the-line blister cards, you’ll play a pivotal role in improving medication management, enhancing the patient experience, and ultimately driving better medication-related patient outcomes.

Omnicell’s single-dose blister cards are designed to be user-friendly, simplifying medication dispensing while ensuring clarity regarding medication adherence. These blister cards offer a visual indicator of whether pills have been taken or missed, making it easier to track and manage medications effectively. Furthermore, they clearly indicate when refills are needed, minimizing the risk of medication interruptions.

Our SureMed by Omnicell blister cards are proudly manufactured in the United States, meeting the stringent requirements for a class B container, ensuring both safety and quality. Additionally, these blister cards can be customized to reflect your corporate identity, strengthening your brand equity and fostering trust among your patients and residents.

Our range of blister cards includes various options to meet your specific needs:

Heat Seal┃ Cold Seal┃Reclaimable

Dose formats ranging from 14 to 90, ensuring flexibility and versatility in medication packaging.

By choosing 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy and Omnicell’s blister cards, you are making a significant investment in improving medication management, enhancing patient care, and ultimately contributing to better health outcomes for your residents and patients. We are committed to providing you with the tools and solutions you need to excel in your mission of providing high-quality healthcare services.

Dispill packaging®

1st Choice LTC Pharmacy: Empowering Medication Adherence with Dispill®

At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we are committed to promoting patient well-being through innovative solutions, and one such solution we proudly offer is Dispill® – a multi-dose packaging system designed to enhance patients’ adherence to their medication regimens. Our Dispill® program streamlines medication management by providing an all-inclusive blister pack, effectively revolutionizing the way patients receive their prescriptions.

Our Dispill® cards are available in two convenient formats, featuring 28 and 32 cells, making them an ideal choice for patients with complex medication schedules. These blister packs eliminate the need for traditional pillboxes and unit dose vials, significantly reducing the risk of medication mix-ups and errors.

With a track record dating back to 1995, Dispill® has established itself as a trusted partner in medication management. When you choose Dispill®, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to support you in every aspect of implementing this program. This support includes assistance with software utilization, effective marketing of the program, and addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding Dispill®.

The benefits of Dispill® extend beyond improved medication adherence. By simplifying the medication dispensing process, it enhances patient safety and reduces the likelihood of missed doses or medication errors. Patients and caregivers can easily identify whether medications have been taken, fostering greater confidence and peace of mind.

At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we believe that patient care should be at the forefront of every pharmacy’s mission. Our partnership with Dispill® underscores our commitment to providing healthcare facilities with cutting-edge tools that enhance patient outcomes and promote overall well-being.

Choose 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy and Dispill® to empower your patients with a comprehensive, user-friendly medication adherence solution that ensures they receive the right medications at the right time, every time.

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