Long Term Care

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As complex as the needs of long term facilities can be 1st Choice Pharmacy can guide you evey step of the way.

Long Term Care

Committed to high quality outcomes

At 1st Choice Pharmacy, we are devoted to understanding and addressing the distinctive needs of facilities, residents, and staff members. We appreciate the uniqueness of each facility, recognizing that a standardized approach is not feasible. Hence, we meticulously tailor our services to harmonize with the individual needs of each facility, crafting bespoke solutions that champion efficiency and quality care. Specializing as a long-term care pharmacy, we stand at the forefront of providing indispensable services ranging from essential prescription medications to comprehensive medication therapy management and insightful consultant services, primarily focusing on skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

Given that a typical resident often grapples with multiple chronic conditions, necessitating reliance on an array of prescription medications, the role we play becomes profoundly impactful. We seamlessly collaborate with facilities, assisting in proficiently managing prescriptions in strict adherence to both Federal and Local regulations, ensuring a smooth orchestration of healthcare needs.

Our mission reverberates with a commitment to precision and timeliness – we strive to ensure that patients are administered the correct medications, in accurate doses, precisely when they need them. Achieving this objective unfurls layers of complexity, given the crucial nature of the task and its consequential impact on facilitating high-quality, efficient outcomes. This mission is quintessential in aligning with contemporary payment and delivery models such as accountable care organizations, bundled payments, and value-based purchasing, which underscore the indispensability of improved patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

Our aspiration is to be instrumental in augmenting success within these evolving models, steering focus towards enhancing patient outcomes while meticulously curtailing unnecessary expenditures. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor is the reduction of avoidable hospital admissions, a step crucial to mitigating undue costs and fostering a landscape of improved healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering the best and highest pharmacy solutions in the industry from:

1st Choice Pharmacy also provides the tools for education and training to caregivers as well as patients on how to properly take their medications with follow-up calls to assess the compliance and side effects you may have had as well as monitoring the response to treatment.


Barcoded delivery ensures the right medication to the the right person everytime.


Education and assistance in keeping updated on rules and regulations impacting pharmeceuticals.

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Facilities can access a personalized portal to provide them with medication information for their residents.


We monitor your usage and refills and on continous basis ensuring your clients have the medication they need.

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