Improving Medication Management with Capsa Carts

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Improving Medication Management with Capsa Carts

In the modern healthcare landscape, efficient medication storage and management are crucial. Addressing this need, 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy proudly provides a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art medication carts from Capsa Healthcare. These carts are meticulously designed to blend capacity, durability, and functionality, thereby enhancing the medication workflow in healthcare settings.

The Avalo Series: A Benchmark in Medication Cart Design

Capsa Healthcare’s Avalo Series epitomizes excellence in medication cart design. Featuring a smart, configurable layout, these carts optimize space and facilitate efficient organization, storage, and transportation of medications to patient bedsides. Particularly adept at managing strip package medications, the Avalo carts ensure healthcare providers have quick and easy access to necessary medications, enabling fast and accurate medication administration.

One of the Avalo unit dose cart’s standout features is its exceptional capacity. These carts can store a wide array of items, including medications, supplies, over-the-counter drugs, PRNs, and liquids. This extensive storage capability streamlines the medication administration process, ensuring healthcare professionals have everything they need at their fingertips. Additionally, the multiple accessories and integrated locking systems in every Avalo cart enhance convenience and security.

The Avalo Series’ modular design is another invaluable asset, allowing for straightforward component replacement and refurbishing. This results in a lower total cost of ownership and improved cost management, crucial considerations in today’s healthcare landscape. The Avalo AP cart, a distinguished member of the series, is available in three different sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate various resident populations.

Vintage Encore: Elegance Meets Efficiency

For settings where a homelike decor is desired, Capsa Healthcare presents the Vintage Encore line of medication carts. These furniture-finish carts add a touch of elegance to senior care environments while efficiently managing medications produced by automated packaging dispensers, whether unit dose or multi-dose strip packaging. Vintage Encore, a fresh iteration of the classic Vintage Series, is renowned for its durability, security, and storage capacity. The latest Vintage Encore carts feature user-friendly enhancements for nurses and styling tailored to senior care facilities, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents and their families. Available in four different sizes, these carts can accommodate various resident populations.

Avalo Woodblend: A Furniture-Feel Option

For those seeking a furniture-feel option within the Avalo line, Capsa Healthcare offers the Avalo Woodblend. This cart efficiently manages nearly any bingo card medication management system and features enhanced styling with two distinct finishes. The Avalo Woodblend’s modular design allows for easy component replacement and refurbishing, while its high-density panels ensure a like-new appearance over time. This medication cart enhances medication organization and provides cost-conscious pharmacies with a lower total cost of ownership, facilitating cost management in healthcare facilities.

The M-Series: Designed for Strip Packaging

The Capsa M-Series, specifically designed for medication strip packaging, offers a range of models to cater to various needs. These carts balance lightweight performance, maneuverability, and generous storage capacity. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide array of items, including supplies, over-the-counter drugs, PRNs, liquids, and the growing volume of routinely packaged medications dispensed by automated systems, the M-Series ensures that healthcare providers can quickly and easily locate needed items for swift and accurate medication administration. Additionally, these carts effectively store liquid medicines and supplies.


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