Choosing LTC Pharmacies for Assisted Living Communities

Choosing LTC Pharmacies for Assisted Living Communities

The task of managing an assisted living (AL) community is already one that may have you spread too thin. You must be on top of regulatory requirements, documentation, and other tasks, not to mention caring for aging seniors whose families have trusted your facility. Even the most careful person can potentially make a serious medication mistake. LTC pharmacies offer an excellent solution that can help you ensure the best care for your patients.

Troubling Statistics in the Nursing Home Sector

According to a report issued by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), 92% of nursing homes across the U.S. have open positions available while 72% of assisted living facilities state that their workforce levels are now lower than they were before the pandemic.

These statistics may highlight the need for getting more staff into these facilities, but they also bring up another issue. With these shortages in staff, it creates a dire need for operational decisions that help leaders of these facilities to provide their best care. Since many of the seniors that reside in assisted living facilities take as many as 10 medications, management of these prescriptions is imperative.

With the help of an LTC pharmacy, you can make this much easier, eliminating the struggle of keeping up with multiple pharmacies and the added burden it creates.  If you’re looking for ways to streamline things at your AL, these benefits of working with an LTC pharmacy could ultimately improve your employee retention and your bottom line, all while providing the level of quality care you’ve promised your patients and their families.

Round-the-Clock Access

An LTC pharmacy is different in that it has the knowledge and experience to handle the challenges faced by assisted living facilities. This is why they operate 24/7 and provide guarantees on deliveries with emergency support available even after hours. With this type of service, it gives you greater control and assistance in ensuring the right medications on time for all of your residents.

Specializations with Seniors

LTC pharmacies are different from other pharmacies in that they specialize in caring for the elderly who often have multiple and complex conditions. They can assist with additional services such as providing monthly medication reviews and consulting services. It’s another resource that benefits you, working in tandem with your team for the greater care of those in your facility.

Cost Management and Savings

Since LTC pharmacies have the background in pharmaceutical care for elderly patients, they also have full understanding of the Medicare Part D aspect of the equation. With this knowledge, they can review the prescribed medications and determine if there is a better solution in terms of both effectiveness and price. When you partner with an LTC pharmacy, they’ll be looking out for your best interests, which allows them to help you spot rebates or catch problems before they arise.

Simplified Medication Issuance

Even if you have a full staff of incredible caregivers, the potential for mistakes can occur. With so many medications per resident, it can get confusing, though an LTC pharmacy offers simple solutions to ensure the best medication dispensing techniques. There are packages that can be put together for every resident, allowing for easy, mistake-free solutions to these issues. Additionally, it reduces the time needed for dispensing medications, allowing staff to be more productive in their care.

Your Partner in Changing the Reputation of Assisted Living Facilities

Over the years, nursing homes have come under fire for being understaffed. These staffing issues have led to other problems in the industry. While there certainly some unscrupulous owners and managers of these facilities, the majority want to find the right balance when juggling responsibilities.

When you have a strong pharmacy partner through an LTC pharmacy, it protects your facility by ensuring success in caring for all residents. By integrating with EHR and simplifying packaging, you can have greater control in ensuring the best care of your patients.

Choose the Right LTC Pharmacy

Now that you know how beneficial it is to partner with an LTC pharmacy, you’ll need to find one. These tips will help you to make the right choice by considering specific factors.

Check the Tech

An LTC pharmacy must be able to have the technology to support your integration with EHR and for electronic communications. Most will be happy to explain their features and how they can work with you. Being able to connect instantly ensures that your medication process will be fully streamlined.

Look at Commitments

Before signing anything, make sure that they can commit to and sign off on delivery times and days that work for your assisted living center. Additionally, you will want a guarantee for emergency service. It is vital to be able to access your LTC pharmacy even after traditional hours when an urgent matter arises.

Examine the Bigger Picture

Ultimately, an LTC pharmacy should have the ability to work with you as a partner more so than a vendor. You will need to choose one that can be there for your aging residents to support you in your proper care and fulfillment of their needs.

Remember, this decision will impact all the other areas involved with running your AL. The right LTC pharmacy will be the partner you need that helps your staff shine through those day-to-day responsibilities and protect from errors with medication. Your goal is to find ways to streamline this process without cutting corners, and that’s where LTC pharmacy partners come in handy the most.

As for the staffing shortages, using LTC pharmacies will improve how your current roster of employees can work. They will find that by streamlining medication processes, it makes it easier for them to spend more time with the residents and enjoy their careers. In turn, this will attract quality employees to your AL for the organized atmosphere and ability to delegate these tasks to the LTC pharmacy.


At 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, we offer personalized service and exceptional attention to each customer, fostering trust in our expertise. Our mission is to provide outstanding pharmacy services, ensuring safety, timely delivery, efficient billing, and superior communication.

We work closely with clients to address their unique challenges, offering tailored solutions and daily communication. Beyond pharmaceuticals, we provide educational in-services, billing assistance, and strategies to improve operational efficiency, building long-lasting partnerships within the healthcare community.

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