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1st Choice Pharmacy a leader in APD Agency for Persons with Disabilities pharmacy management. As complex as the needs of long term facilities can be 1st Choice Pharmacy can guide you every step of the way.

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1st Choice Pharmacy also provides the tools for education and training to caregivers as well as patients on how to properly take their medications with follow up calls to assess the compliance and side effects you may have had as well as monitoring the response to treatment.

1st Choice LTC Pharmacy deeply comprehends the intricacies of operating under the umbrella of APD, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, where every individual’s care plan is uniquely tailored to their specific needs. In this dynamic and demanding field, the significance of having a pharmacy partner that offers unwavering, consistent service, coupled with the adaptability to address the ever-evolving requirements of the APD community, cannot be overstated.

Our local presence transcends mere convenience; it forms the bedrock of our service philosophy. Our proximity to your operations allows us to engage with your organization at a profound level, gaining invaluable insights into the distinct challenges and prerequisites you encounter. This closeness empowers us not only to understand your specific needs but also to seamlessly integrate ourselves into the core of your service delivery model. This integration enables us to provide the highest level of support and make well-informed decisions that directly contribute to the well-being of the individuals under your care.

At the core of our service offering are our adept medication management teams, comprising fully licensed and trained professionals with a strong focus on addressing the unique medication needs within the APD community. These teams offer a comprehensive array of services, ranging from medication dispensing to the management of intricate drug regimens, all meticulously designed to cater to the diverse requirements of individuals with various conditions. Acknowledging that each APD facility may have specific demands, we are fully prepared to extend customized support, tailored precisely to address and fulfill your operational prerequisites.

By aligning with 1st Choice LTC Pharmacy, you are choosing a pharmacy partner that is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that individuals within your care receive personalized medication management that is both precise and compassionate. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering the highest standard of care, enhancing the quality of life for individuals, and providing peace of mind for both caregivers and facility administrators operating under the umbrella of APD


Barcoded delivery ensures the right medication to the the right person everytime.


Education and assistance in keeping updated on rules and regulations impacting pharmeceuticals.

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Facilities can access a personalized portal to provide them with medication information for their residents.


We monitor your usage and refills and on continous basis ensuring your clients have the medication they need.

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